Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When should we start planning.

A. As soon as you know you are moving home or office call Westermans and book an appointment with our Expert Removal Representative  who will call round and see you, so he/she can assess your requirments, time scale, costs, special details etc. Remember, there are many things apart from the actual move, such as:

  • Final Meter readings for Electricity, Gas, Telephone and Water.
  • Redirecting your mail.
  • Tradesmen to disconnect fittings such as lights or cookers sheds etc.

Q. Will your company dispose of unwanted items.

A. Westermans can dispose of unwanted items but there may be extra charges for this as local councils charge companies to dispose of waste, of course you can start to dispose of unwanted items yourself.

  • Advertise items in local newspapers.
  • Arrange for house clearence of unwanted things.
  • Take as many items as you can to local charity shops.
  • Take items to local tips. There will be no charge from the council if you take items yourself.

Q. Will my furniture be placed in correct rooms when delivered.

A. Westermans will place furniture and effects where you want them. The best way to do this is to draw a floor plan of your new home naming each room and marking boxes so that Westermans can place items in correct location.

Q. Will we need to empty all drawers.

A. Some things can be left in drawers such as clothing in bedroom drawers, but it is advisable to pack things of value, clearly labelling boxes so that you can locate things at a glance.

Q. Are there any restrictions on sizes of boxes used.

A. We at Westermans can supply all your packing requirments but in general::

  • Don't use very large cartons.
  • Don't overload Cartons.
  • Mark Each carton with what it contains.
  • Mark any cartons that hold fragile items clearly marking which way up boxes needs to be.

Q. What if I need to store items and I have not arranged this prior to the move.

A. Don't worry! Westermans can arrange for this without any difficulty.